Month: June 2021

A Lost Permanent Tooth

All of us know that there are baby teeth and adult teeth. Baby teeth are the first set of teeth in our mouth when we are a child. The first one of this kind usually appears when we are six months. Baby teeth gradually grow until three years old. And then, they start to fall since the child’s mouth or jaw is now ready enough to have permanent teeth. The second kind of teeth can also be called adult teeth. There are usually 32 adult teeth. These teeth are strong enough, but they may fall due to different reasons like accidents, sports injuries, hit, trauma, severe dental problems, etc.

Losing a permanent tooth leads to losing your confidence since you will not have a gorgeous smile anymore. But, nowadays, thanks to technological advancement, there are some cosmetic dental methods to solve this problem. So, once you face losing a permanent tooth, referring to an emergency dental clinic should be the first action. Let’s take a look at the possible cosmetic dental treatments for a lost adult tooth.

First Treatment

The most innovative treatment for a lost tooth is a dental implant. This dental treatment is a suitable tooth replacement that looks and acts like your natural tooth. There is almost no difference between an implanted tooth and a natural one. Dental implants are strong enough and are not movable since a screw in this cosmetic dental method is fixed to your jawbone. Another positive point of this treatment is that you can easily take care of them. The steps of taking care of your implanted teeth are as simple as your natural teeth. The lifespan of dental implants is also considered a prominent advantage. If you had an accident and lost your adult teeth, it is not necessary to be worried. Instead, you can live with your implanted tooth forever.

Second Treatment

The second option that an emergency dentist may suggest replacing your lost tooth is a dental bridge. Bridges are partial dentures (false teeth). This cosmetic dental treatment is a strongly recommended option for replacing more than one tooth. The bridge is a type of modification that typically requires healthy, stable neighbor teeth to be supported. A dental bridge is a shorter process than implant placement.

Which Is Better?

When you lost your permanent tooth and visit the dentist to replace it and restore your dazzling smile, the dentist consults with you about the right option. As a dentist, s/he considers the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Besides, your overall health is assessed too. So, if you are suffering from any kind of important and chronic illness such as diabetes, your dentist should be informed. Some health problems affect your recovery as well as all the medications you are taking.

What to Do for a Child Lost His Permanent Tooth?

Sometimes, a child may lose a permanent tooth in an accident, while running, or playing. There is a difference between cosmetic dental methods as a child cases. Since his/her age and stage of development limit his or her immediate dental options. Dental implants or traditional bridges need a completed developmental stage. Otherwise, the implants will not be properly placed in the mouth. So, these cosmetic dental methods may not be considered for a child. In this case, the dentist will suggest a removable bridge instead of permanent options.

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