June 21, 2024

Acupuncture deals with natural healing of the body through inserting needles at specific points of your body, which are treated as acupuncture points. Insertion of needles is done to balance the energy of your body. According to ancient Chinese medicinal theory, the cause of illness is attributed to the imbalance of energies of our body.

Our body has natural painkillers and triggering those points (acupuncture points) leads to their activation and natural healing. Acupuncture is helpful especially in case of a migraine, arthritis, and cervical pain. The 8 constitutional medicine theories is a part of acupuncture treatment, which treats your ailment by balancing the energies of your body and it divides the body into eight types.

What is 8 constitutional medicine theory?

This theory categorizes your illness on the basis of organs. Every human body has a different constitution depending upon, which everyone responds to any treatment. The 8 constitutional medicine utilizes this fact for treatment.

What’s your body type?

  1. Hepatonia

This constitution is related to the strong liver and weak lungs. Individuals belonging to this category should have a meat diet as it will cause more frequent sweating and they will easily fall asleep. Frequent sweats and easy sleep are signs of a healthy body. However, these people should avoid seafoods as it will result in elevated levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

  1. Cholecystonia

This constitution is related to strong liver and weak colon (large intestine). The individuals belonging to this category consume a lot of seafood, which further weakens their intestinal system and stimulates gallbladder. They should take vitamin A, B, C, D, and E rich diets.

  1. Pulmotonia

This constitution is related to strong lungs and weak liver. For individuals belonging to this group, they should avoid meat diet they should include seafoods and green leafy vegetables in their diet. They should avoid taking medicines like aspirin.

Acupuncture Is the Natural Healer

  1. Colonotonia

Now this constitution is characterized by the strong large intestine and weak liver. They should avoid the consumption of meat diets as it will cause indigestion and muscle diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. They should avoid having vitamin A, C, D, and E rich diets. They should consume more fruits like strawberry, peach, and dark chocolates.

  1. Pancreotonia

This constitution is characterized by the strong pancreas and weak kidneys. People with this body type should avoid consumption of spicy foods as it will make it more difficult for them to handle their appetite. These foods can lead to diabetes in them. They should include eggs, shrimps, and pork in their diet.

  1. Gastrotonia

This constitution is characterized by strong stomach and weak kidney. A person with this body type often complains of indigestion. They should avoid taking antibiotics and herbal medicines as it is harmful to their body. They should include pineapple, melons, pears, and strawberry in their diet as these foods get digested easily.

  1. Renotonia

This constitution is related to strong kidney and weak pancreas. A frequent perspiration in these individuals is a sign of illness. They should avoid having cold foods it causes severe digestive problems.

  1. Vesicotonia

This constitution is related to strong kidney and weak stomach. The individuals with this body type should avoid having cold foods as it will further worsen the condition of their stomach. They include vitamin C rich foods in their diet.