June 21, 2024
wisdom tooth extraction

There are two middle incisor teeth, side incisor teeth, canines (so-called thread cut teeth), two premolars, and two to three molars. Of these, wisdom teeth refer to the third molar. Introducing the advantages of wisdom tooth extraction singapore in this article.

Benefits of wisdom tooth extraction

⦁ Makes it easier to brush your teeth
⦁ Reduces the risk of inflammation
⦁ Reduce the cause of bad breath
Makes it easier to brush your teeth by eliminating wisdom toothbrushes that are difficult to enter. There is an advantage of wisdom tooth extraction singapore in that it is easier to clean the backside of the molar in front.

wisdom tooth extraction singapore

Why do you say wisdom teeth?

It grows around the time of adulthood in a lifetime, but in the old days when it was said that “50 years of life”, it is said that it is “wisdom teeth” because parents have already passed away by the time they grow up. In other words, it is called “chi-tooth”, and overseas it is called wisdom tooth. It is the etymology that grows when wisdom comes to understand the discretion of things when wisdom attaches.

Basically, there are four, up, down, left and right, but it is not uncommon for one of them to be made in a lifetime, or not to be able to do four.

Recently, there are many buried parents without rubbing

Moreover, there is a tendency that the small face tendency, in a word, the chin become small when the human race evolves, and there are a lot of wisdom teeth that cannot grow straight, and lie straight.

The gums behind the visible teeth are swollen, and it was often found when you took an x-ray at the dentist’s office. These are called (horizontal) buried wisdom teeth. Even if you are wisdom toothless, you will not remove teeth if you can clean them cleanly every day. However, since it is often difficult to brush your teeth, there is a risk that eating is easy to accumulate and there are many surrounding gingivitis and cavities.

Reduces the risk of inflammation

Because toothbrushes are difficult to enter around wisdom teeth, eating residues remain for a long time, and they become a source of nutrition for bacteria in the oral cavity, so inflammation occurs in the surrounding gingival (called periodontitis).
Reduce the cause of bad breath

Bad breath occurs because it is easy to accumulate food, but by removing wisdom teeth, it becomes easier to clean the back teeth, and the cause of bad breath can be reduced much.

When this periodontitis occurs, wisdom teeth cannot be extracted immediately. First of all, antimicrobial agents, washing, and sometimes incision are necessary to reduce inflammation. This risk can be reduced by extracting teeth before pregnancy, especially in pregnant women, since this antimicrobial or painkiller cannot be administered.