June 21, 2024

Wisdom tooth gives discomfort. No brave man can say that they can’t feel the pain of a tooth problem. So, it is very important to provide proper care of the teeth rather than experiencing any of the dental and gum diseases. Many have said that removing wisdom teeth is not safe. However, the pain of a wisdom tooth is not bearable. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction is advised. The dentist opens up the gum tissue on the tooth. Upon doing so, it takes out the bone that is covering the tooth. The tissue connected to the tooth will be separated from the bone and the tooth is removed. Sometimes, the dentist cuts the tooth into smaller pieces making it easier to remove.

How to perform wisdom tooth removal?

The dentist will work on wisdom tooth extraction. If the dentist recommends removing the wisdom teeth, you might be asking how much it cost? The wisdom tooth extraction cost singapore offers a very affordable fee. The payment and charges will be discussed before the procedure starts. An injection is done before the wisdom teeth are removed. A local anesthetic is injected into the area to numb the tooth and on the surrounding area. Once you feel anxious about the procedure, the dentist will give you a sedative to relax. General aesthetics has been used rarely for wisdom tooth removal. But, there is no harm. You can go home after the tooth removal.

Wisdom tooth removal

Once the tooth has not come through the gum, an incision (small cut) is made in the gum to access. The tooth is cut into smaller pieces for removal. There is less need for making the incision if the tooth has been broken. Pressure is felt before it is removed because the dentist widens the tooth socket before taking it out. The pain is not felt when the wisdom teeth are removed because the whole area is numb. Tooth removal takes a simple procedure within a few minutes. It may take a maximum of 30 minutes.

After the surgery, if the incision is made, dissolving stitches will be used to seal the gum. The stitches take 7 – 10 days to dissolve. The dentist places gauze over the area of the extraction and puts pressure by biting the jaws together for up to one hour. It allows the blood clot to form in an empty tooth socket. Blood clots play a big part in the healing process.