June 21, 2024

If you’ve suffered from tooth pain, you know how painful it can be. The toothache is discomfort in or around your tooth and gum. Usually, emergency toothache pain is a sign that there’s something wrong with your tooth health. You can’t see it with your eyes, and it won’t heal on its own. It’s a loud signal of a dental emergency that needs instant attention from an emergency dentist. According to the words of a Toronto emergency dentist who has years of experience with toothaches and dental emergencies, you should determine if you have a toothache and understand what may have caused it. So it’s essential to learn what has caused your dental pain. Here is some helpful information about reasons for toothache that will lend a hand to you in a toothache emergency.

  • Tooth fracture: A tooth fracture is a break or cracks in the hard shell of the tooth. Tooth breaks occur primarily in children and young people, accounting for 5% of all severe dental traumas. When you try to chew hard foods or bite down, a stiff item can make a crack that needs an emergency dentist. A sporting event or misfortune in a car accident can make the teeth cracked.
  • Gum disease: They are one of the most important reasons for toothaches or trauma. If you are scrimmage with them, you reasonably handle bleeding of teeth or gum when you clean them, and you might have stinky breath. In further critical points, gum illness can cause chewing difficulties, aching gums, and tooth emergencies. If you don’t visit an emergency dentist, it can grow a
    more dental severe trauma.
  • Tooth rottenness: Usually, if dental plaque changes sugars into acid, it creates tooth decay, an emergency tooth injury. It is a dental emergency that can cause damage and infection. In children, it can impact speech and jaw development. It’s a kind of dental emergency that needs your immediate attention and emergency dentist because if this dental trauma is not treated, it can cause discomfort, infection, and emergency toothache.
  • A hurt filling: A loose filling is more than an inconvenience dental fillings. A loose filling can have severe outcomes like decay beneath the tooth, heightened sensitivity, and irritating dental emergencies. The most frequent point of tooth fillings is to fill a cavity in the tooth that leads to an emergency toothache.
  • Sinus infection: Both a sinus infection or sinus inflammation can lead to an emergency toothache. Pain in the upper back teeth is a standard indicator for sinus circumstances. Frequently an unexplained emergency tooth pain is related to a sinus infection, usually caused by bacteria and allergies.
  • Heart attack and lung cancer: The connection is really out of mind, but it is scientifically correct. In some circumstances, toothache may be a cautionary signal of a heart attack. They can also cause toothaches. So do not overdo it and visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

The information above will help you and even your emergency dentist find out the problem more quickly and start the treatment sooner!