June 21, 2024
Co-codamol Important Information about the drug

Co-codamol is the pain killing medicine and is known by the brand names Solpadol, Kapake, and Tylex. This is the combination of 2 drugs – namely codeine and paracetamol. Doctors prescribe this drug to relieve pain just after the surgery. This is one kind of treatment for the moderate pain.

How the medicine works?

The paracetamol controls pain just by interfering with the substances that your body makes with response to any kind of injury. The substances are known as prostaglandins. This makes your nerves sensitive, and you feel pain. So, by reducing an amount of the prostaglandin you will feel very less pain, or no pain. Codeine is one kind of opioid. It works by mimicking your body’s natural painkillers, and endorphins. They will control pain just by blocking the pain messages to your brain. There’re different kind of opioids – the strong ones and the weak ones. And codeine is the weak opioid.

How to have this drug?

You may take co-codamol in a:

  • Soluble tablet (dispersible or effervescent) you dissolve in the water
  • Capsule to swallow with the water
  • Tablet to swallow with the water

You should take these capsules and tablets as per your doctor and pharmacist instructions.

You must take a right dose, and not very less or more. Do not stop having this cancer medicine without informing your specialist first.

Co-codamol – Important Information about the drug

When do you have this drug?

Your physician or doctor can tell you when you have take the co-codamol or how much in quantity. Normal dose for the adults is one or two tablets each 4 – 6 hours. Maximum you must take is 8 within 24 hours. You can buy co-codamol online very easily as it is accessible in the different doses. They have 500 mg of the paracetamol (same as regular paracetamol capsule or tablet) but dose of the drug varies and will be 8 mg, 15 mg or 30mg. Dose right for you may depend on amount that you want to control the pain.  You many initially buy the small packets of lower dose preparations OTC. However, for the larger packets or for higher doses, you require your doctor prescription.

Other medicines or foods

Cancer drugs will interact with other medicines or herbal products. You need to tell the doctor about any kind of medicines that you are taking. It includes herbal supplements, vitamins, or OTC remedies.


Do not breastfeed during your treatment that involves co-codamol as this drug will come through in the breast milk.

Treatment to other conditions

You always have to inform other doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists that you are having the treatment in case you want treatment for something else, including any teeth problems.`