April 24, 2024

The question that might be on your mind is what activities to continue or avoid during the course of pregnancy. But there is a lot of confusion existing.Let us now draw a comparison on some of the dangerous activities during pregnancy which is a strict no. For example sky diving is an activity that needs to be avoided during pregnancy and there is a strong reason behind it. But what might surprise you is that there is a lot of debate which is being evolved on this topic. The answer to this question is that it is considered to be a form of activity that needs to be restrained till the time of birth. But what happens if you are in love with this sport, then wind tunnel is going to an option for you. Just take into consideration the fact that all this is applicable even if it happens to be an uncomplicated pregnancy.

Let us now go through some of the pregnancy dangerous activities which would be much better if avoided.

  • Lifting of weights- the general school of thought is that you should avoid lifting heavy weights and opt for lighter ones during pregnancy. It would mean that you can repeat the activities on a recurring basis. But be aware of using vertical weights which go on to put strain on your spinal cord. It is better that you work with a physical instructor who has experience in dealing with pregnant women and once you reach the last trimester of pregnancy do taper the weight.

  • No form of running- this is an aspect which you are going to hear on an occasional basis, but this logic has no ground. If there is no complications with your pregnancy or no form of medical symptoms then what should prevent you from running. It is fulfilling and perfectly safe during the course of pregnancy. But once you go on to reach the last stages it is better that you taper down the running distance.
  • Swimming- most of the health experts are on the common ground that there is no harm in swimming during the course of pregnancy
  • No hot tubs or sauna- the heat associated can be pretty dangerous for a pregnant woman and once you are pregnant your immune system tapers off a wee bit. So ideally you should limit the amount of time you spend in a hot tub. The tubs are known to have temperature settings so it is better that you opt for a cool setting.
  • No to power yoga- Power yoga is a strict no during the stages of pregnancy. It is as long as you are not a yoga expert who is well versed with the various traits of yoga. Moderate form of yoga is acceptable and there are numerous yoga classes for pregnancy

To conclude, a moderate level of exercise is indeed during the course of pregnancy. As long as you do take precautions, everything is going to be ok.