May 19, 2024
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One of the most important emergency dental issues that should be addressed as fast as possible is dental decay. Although most believe it is not an emergency case, it can lead to irreparable problems. In other words, any time you notice a dental decay in your mouth, it is better to consider it an emergency case and go for treating it pronto. According to a specialist from Dentist New West, there are some significant points about this dental l issue that everyone should be aware of. He explains some of them in the following.

What Is It?

Sometimes foods containing carbohydrates remain on the teeth, and it is the start of tooth decay. How? There are always some living bacteria in our mouths. When there are bacteria on our teeth, the bacteria convert them to acid. And the result is dental plaque. With the passage of time and ignoring, these plaques will damage the enamel and make holes in teeth. These holes are dental cavities.

How to Decrease the Possibility of Tooth Decay?

There is a simple way. Wash your mouth with fluoride. When you use fluoride, all the living bacteria will be killed. Then dental decays and cavities will be stopped at the early stages. Most mouthwashes contain fluoride. Besides, this is also an ingredient in most toothpaste.

Caring about your oral health, such as brushing and flossing, are the main steps to prevent this dental issue. In other words, when there is no food debris, there will not be any acid.

If you have regular dental checkups with a professional dentist, any dental decay or cavities will be diagnosed quickly and treated easily.

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What Will Happen If a Dental Decay Be Ignored?

The answer is clear. Dental decay progresses fast. So, if you do not go for treatment, the dental decay gets bigger and bigger. It can move to your tooth root and your tooth’s structure. This progress does not stop. It can even cause losing your tooth.

What Color Are Dental Decays?

Generally, when there is a spot on a tooth, the starting color is white. In better words, any time you notice a white spot on your tooth, consider it as a sign of early stages of dental decay. If you go to the emergency dental clinic at this stage, it is so easy to stop this issue.

This white spot can gradually change to brown and black. It can be said that dental decay is a severe dental problem at this stage.

Can a Decay Spread to Other Teeth?

  1. Dental decay affects one of your teeth. But there is a point to consider. As mentioned earlier, some poor oral care leads to dental decay, and when there is poor oral hygiene, it affects all of your teeth and gums. So, it can lead to several numbers of dental decays.

What Is the Treatment?

When you refer to an emergency dentist for dental decay, he removes the dental decay first and applies root canal therapy to stop the problem. Finally, the dental filling or crown is performed on the tooth to fill the hole.