June 21, 2024

In the field of bodybuilding, anabolic steroids are rapidly gaining popularity due to the immense benefits they provide. This is both in terms of gaining muscle mass and losing the unwanted fat. There are various steroids available like Winstrol, Clenbuterol, Anavar and Dianabol to name a few. With great benefits, these steroids come with side effects as well and hence are put to a lot of scrutinies by the users. One such steroid that has been in the limelight of late is the super Anadrol or Anadrol 50 as it is popularly known. This is a DHT derived anabolic steroid used for the purpose of muscle gains in bodybuilding and is known by a host of other names as well like mega Anadrol. The names vary with the brand but in terms of benefits, you get the same results from Mega Anadrol as well.

Benefits of Super Anadrol

The steroid primarily was used for the treatment of anemia caused by the inefficient production of red blood cells. Anadrol was also used to help the malnourished patients gain weight and put on muscle. But gradually the side effects were seen to outweigh the benefits and the drug was used only in special medical cases. After a few decades primarily because the steroid helped gain muscle it became quite popular in the field of bodybuilding. It helped the body increase its protein synthesis and increase nitrogen production. This ultimately led to tremendous muscle gains. Not only did it help gain muscle mass but also gave a good boost to the overall strength and endurance of the body. Many fall for the myth that a particular brand of Anadrol might not give the similar results but studies have shown same results from Mega Anadrol and other brands of the same steroid.

Side Effects of Super Anadrol

One of the serious side effects associated with the steroid is hepatotoxicity due to which the ideal cycle length for the steroid is restricted to 4-6 weeks. Another important side effect that is seen in many is the estrogenic side effects even though it chemically cannot covert to estrogen. Some of the esterogenic side effects that are seen are retention of fat and water, weight gain, bloating and enlargement of breast tissues in males. The actual cause of these esterogenic side effects still remains a mystery. A few of the other commonly occurring side effects include changes in skin texture like it becoming oily, growth of facial hair and male pattern baldness. Apart from this Super Anadrol causes the risk of testicular atrophy as well. An abuse of the steroid could lead to testosterone suppression which might become a cause of infertility and reduced sperm count. Certain cardiovascular side effects are also associated with the steroid-like fluctuations in cholesterol level which could lead to heart strokes.

Dosage of Super Anadrol

To steer clear of all the side effects it is important that accurate dosing pattern of the steroid is followed. The steroid generally comes in the oral form that is 50 mg tablets. The recommended dosage is ideally 50 mg to 100 mg per day for those involved in serious bodybuilding. But initially, it is advisable to start with 25 mg per day because the side effects could aggravate due to its anabolic properties.