April 24, 2024
best chemotherapy in India

There are varied types of chemotherapy drugs which are used to treat different forms of cancer. The main benefit of chemotherapy is that it destroys cancer cells, the current tumours are shirked whereby the current cancer cells are prevented from multiplying. The main aim is to eradicate or slow down the growth of cancer cells so that one can extend life. As this form of drugs could have a lot of major side effects, it is suggested that they need to be evaluated against the possible benefits of the same.

Shrinks tumors

What is a cancer tumor? It is the growth of abnormal cancer cells. With the help of chemotherapy your existing tumor is shrunk and the quality of life in relation to a patient is enhanced. The pressure along with the pain caused by this tumor is decreased to a considerable extent. The chances of this tumor making a come back cannot be ruled out as well. The beauty of the treatment is that the growth of the tumor is controlled to such an extend that the tumor does not come back. Before radiation or surgery, it is very well possible that chemotherapy could shrink the tumors as well.

Manages cancer

best chemotherapy in India

The worst part of cancer cells is that it could spread very quickly and one of the benefits of chemotherapy is that it slows down its growth. What this form of treatment does is that it prevents the cancer cells from spreading to the original point to the various other parts of the body. The cancer cells that remain in the body is destroyed with this form of treatment with the chances that radiation treatment is bound to become more effective as well. It has to be stated that this is the form of treatment which is used when cancer returns back to the body. It does help to reduce the symptoms and improves quality of life to a large extent

Cancer is cured

In most cases, chemotherapy reduces or eliminates the cancer cells of the body. As per medical experts if the cancer does not return back for a considerable amount of time, it is assumed to be cured. As it is can return back at any point of time physicians do not consider it as something fully cured. The goals and treatment plans vary as per the varied stages of cancer, when it started and how advanced are the treatment options going to help you.

Why India

The best chemotherapy in India is provided by most of the elite class of hospitals. Most of them are at par with international standards and you can say that the quality of treatment and state of infrastcture is the best.

TheĀ  icing on the cake stems from the fact that most of the hosptials have zero waiting lists. This means that you could get admitted on one day and the surgery could be performed in the next few days. This is in complete contrast of what advanced countries have to offer.