April 24, 2024
smile eye surgery cost hong kong

In surgery operations, the eye is a very fragile organ throughout the human body. When it gets damaged or has a problem, it requires an examination to determine whether it’s mild or going worse.

The small incision lenticule extraction- smile eye surgery cost hong kong is comparable to the refractive method and this can treat the eye problems for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism to correct the error of your eyes. The method requires the use of a femtosecond laser to make the cornea lenticule extract the full to the small incised. It is said that the result is the same with the Lasik.

How does the SMILE cost?

The smile eye surgery cost or smile eye surgery cost hk include:

SMILE Small incision lenticule extraction is the amount of HKD 22,800 binoculars.

SMILE Small incision lenticule extraction- Clarity care is an amount of HKD 23, 800 binoculars.

SMILE Small incision lenticule extraction- Smile extra is an amount of HKD 27, 800 binoculars.

smile eye surgery cost hong kong

 Including the following examination:

The preoperative examination.

  • ReLex SMILE
    • Enhancement surgery within 1 year, including the follow-up or after surgery, plus the eye examination to be charged, individual.
  • Smile and Smile ( Smile extra ) maximum 3 times medication for 8 weeks.
    • Follow-ups are once- a day/week/months after the surgery.
  • Smile ( Clarity care ) maximum 5 times medication within half-year.
    • Follow-ups are one- day/week/ 3-to 6 months after surgery.
    • Add eye examination for unable to complete 5 regular follow up in half-year the consultation fee is HK$700
    • includes: Postoperative and artificial eye drops ( one box )

The advantages of SMILE for your eye.

A femtosecond is 1000x faster than an excimer laser, and the surgery is only 5 minutes.

  • No required to make the corneal flap.
  • The less damaged in the cornea, only 2- 4 mm standard cut.
  • 100% worth it and fast recovery.
  • Nothing to worry about in replacing the corneal flap, you can do any movement.
  • 100% satisfied with the recovery and result.
  • Small damage only in nerves of the corneal, lessens the dryness and infections.

For the early stages, the SMILE is a favorable replacement in Lasik because the result is similar to the cases of Lasik. It also fasts recovery with eye drops, and post-op dry eye to restore corneal nerves. It completes the approval of the FDA with the symptoms effects. This procedure allows more patients to have refractive surgery with their technique and result.