May 19, 2024
oncology drug hong kong

When you hear the word “cancer”, you will be exaggerating, thinking that the person has a lifeline. But, it is very wrong. Many cancer survivors have improved their quality of life with the help of cancer treatments hong kong. Conquering cancer can be difficult and patients might lose hope in the middle of fighting the health condition.

However, there is no reason to lose hope in cancer treatments and therapies that are still present and continually helping cancer patients. Improving the lives of cancer patients is still possible and it can be transformed through the help of cancer treatment.

Innovative cancer treatments

Developing therapies for cancer patients at Pfizer has become of great use globally. Providing the maximum efficacy while lessening adverse effects for the patient is what Pfizer promises to the patients. There are traditional cancer-fighting tools that have been used, such as:

  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy

These treatment options remained important for both patients and doctors. But, scientists are continuing their discovery of the best way to attack cancer cells directly and effectively. At the moment, the clinical success of immunotherapy continued reshaping the field of oncology. It has the prospects of more curative and durable responses to cancers.

Types of cancer conditions that are investigated for possible medicines are:

  • breast cancer
  • non-small cell lung cancer
  • gastric cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • renal cell carcinoma
  • hematologic malignancies (including lymphomas and leukemias)

oncology drug hong kong

What does oncology mean?

Many consider oncology as cancer. But, you have to clear your mind about the real meaning of this word. Oncology means the study of cancer, and not cancer itself. The oncologist is a doctor treating cancer and providing medical care for a person diagnosed with cancer.

Oncologists are also called cancer specialists. There are different types of oncologists that cancer patients must know. For this, you can be sure whom you should be visiting to talk about your health condition. An oncologist can also be called a cancer specialist.

There are three major areas in the field of oncology, namely:

  • medical oncology
  • radiation oncology
  • surgical oncology

Oncology drugs

What does oncology drug hong kong do? These are therapeutics for cancer treatment. Cancer is a group of diseases caused by the uncontrolled division and growth of abnormal cells. Oncology drugs include an array of different types of medications, such as:

  • Chemotherapy agents
  • Targeted therapies
  • Immunotherapies
  • Hormone therapies

If you have cancer or have a family member with cancer, you might be interested in these cancer treatments.