April 24, 2024
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Do you know that laughing can reduce stress and improve your mood? This is true about the people who are happy with their smile. But the same is not true for those who are ashamed of smiling because of their teeth. Is it possible to do something for those who do not like their smile to have less stress when smiling? However, smiling and laughing may cause these people to cover their mouths instead of showing their teeth. Look in the mirror at the gap between your teeth. Is there a large gap between your teeth or a small gap? The answer can help you determine which cosmetic dentistry service fits your needs and closes the gaps. The dentists in a cosmetic dental clinic believe that using dental veneer or bonding can be a good choice for small gaps. Of course, for more severe problems and large gaps, closing the gap by a professional cosmetic dentist can be a good option.

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What Causes the Gap between the Teeth?

The most common causes of gaps between teeth are:

    Gum disease: Untreated gum disease or periodontal disease can cause teeth loosening over time.

    Finger sucking or using a pacifier: If your baby sucks his or her thumb or uses the pacifier frequently, his or her teeth may be pushed forward, which will affect the order and spacing of the teeth.

    Small teeth: If your teeth are disproportionately small compared to the jawbone, there may be gaps between the teeth.

    The habit of pressing the tongue: This unusual swallowing reflex occurs when your tongue presses against your upper teeth when swallowing. This causes gaps between the teeth over time.

    Tooth loss: If you lose a tooth in your mouth and do not replace it in a short time, the other teeth will change position and cause gaps.

    Large frenulum: The frenulum is a soft tissue located between the two front teeth. When a frenulum grows abnormally, it may cause cascading development issues within the mouth.

Ways to Repair the Gap between the Teeth

The gap between the teeth does not necessarily cause unpleasant events for the teeth’ health or the general body’s health. This is why it is a personal choice or preference whether you choose cosmetic dentistry or not. Severe space gap problems can be repaired. So if you notice gaps between your teeth when you laugh, cosmetic dentistry treatment is a solution. The important point is that if there is a large gap between your front teeth, your other teeth may not have enough space to grow. This can lead to bite problems in adolescents and adults during the deciduous teeth. A cosmetic dentist or orthodontist must regularly examine your child’s teeth during this stage of life. The cosmetic dentist can diagnose these conditions and perform preventative treatments before the problem gets worse. Many options can solve small or large problems related to the teeth gap.

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Other problems treated with teeth gap treatment

Teeth gap treatment can solve many dental problems, including:

Toothed teeth (the gap between teeth)

Overbite (the upper teeth are in front of the lower teeth)

Under bite(the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth)

Open bite (some teeth do not have physical contact with the opposite tooth to create a proper bite)

Crowding of teeth (lack of enough space in the jawbone for the normal growth of all teeth)

Cross bite (the patient has a complicated bite due to a disorder in the upper and lower jaw)

Finally, teeth gap treatment is a miracle cure for your smile.