April 24, 2024
Birth Control Pills

 Every living creature on this planet engages in reproduction through either sexual or asexual mode. Most organisms such as human beings and animals engage in a sexual form of reproduction. The main motive of copy is to produce offspring from the genetic information of both the involved individuals. However, humans being superior and intelligent, engage in sexual activities for motives other than reproduction. Sexual activities that humans do engage in are proven to perform other functions such as stress relief, pleasure, and exercise. Since sex is intended for reproduction, there is a chance at every sexual encounter of germinating a possible child. Various birth control methods such as contraceptive pills, condoms, and so on are used to prevent this. Still, Where to get birth control pills in singapore remains unreachable to women.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control

When human beings engage in sexual encounters, there is a possibility that they might trigger the conditions that are required to get the female pregnant. However, this is not a scenario that individuals often desire. Being pregnant comes with responsibilities and requires the individuals involved to look over the offspring for the rest of their lives. Unwanted pregnancy or accidental pregnancy can lead to devastating situations. Thus, birth control methods are implemented to avoid such problems. Standard birth control methods are condoms, oral contraceptive pills, surgical procedures, etc. Questions like where to get birth control pills in Singapore are commonly asked by individuals who do not get the correct exposure to sex education. Exposing the youth to the proper forms of birth control is a responsibility that every citizen must adhere to.

Methods Of Birth Control

Birth control has been practiced since ancient times. However, it was not until the 20th century that reliable and efficient birth control methods were developed. However, some of the commonly used birth control methods are listed below:

  • Birth Control Pills- These are also popularly known as fertility control pills. Such pills consist majorly of estrogen and progestogen compounds. They are intended for oral ingestions by women to ensure that even upon insemination, the pregnancy does not occur.
  • Condoms- It is a simple device used by men to overcome situations leading to pregnancy. This device is manufactured from a stretchable material that is rubber and shaped like a sheath. They are required to be worn by men on their reproductive part during sexual intercourse to avoid insemination.