July 20, 2024

Being pregnant is the most wonderful feeling on the Earth. A mother feels very eager to bring her new born to this wonderful world. Even we can never neglect a father’s excitement for his awaiting baby, his arms longing to hold his newborn. Being parents adds a pinch of new spice whose aroma rejuvenates their relationship. However, nothing in this world comes free so, the happiness of being a parent is followed by a huge responsibility which both the partners have to share for a successful parenthood.

Care  during pregnancy

The exiting mother should be given enough care during this time so that she gives birth to a healthy child. During Pregnancy even the slightest negligence can add a number of problems to the mother and child. Few health care tips for expecting mothers are enlisted below.

  • Take adequate rest avoid stress
  • Take 5-6 balanced meals
  • Add vitamins to your diet
  • Consume lots of fluids and liquids
  • Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Go for regular heath check-ups
  • Follow your daily routine with yoga and exercises

Being less careful or avoiding small issues can be fatal and can cause serious health issues. Some of the common health issues regarding the subject matter are Infection in pregnancy and oncology pregnancy which  are very common  in today’s scenario. Various kinds of infections can be observed during pregnancy i.e. chicken pox, chikkungunia, HIV, Rubella , bacterial vaginosis , urinary tract infection etc. These are curable if recognized and treated on time, but the major issue is that in most cases people do not recognize it in the early stages. Also, many of the infections take place because of the negligence or ignorance of the mothers. Therefore, it is important to stay in constant consultation with the doctors during this stage.

What is oncology pregnancy?

Oncology Pregnancy deals with pregnant patients, who are suffering from cancer.. Although cancer cells keeps on multiplying there are very less chances of it passing from the mother to the child. Still there are chances of heavy damage to the fetus i.e., chances are that the baby might be born with physical disabilities, deformed body shape, brain damage etc.

Common forms of cancer during pregnancy

There are different kinds of cancer that can affect a mother during pregnancy. Breast cancer is the commonest one found in women at this time. The symptoms of this disease and pregnancy are so common that it is tough to diagnose it in the initial stages. The symptoms include breast enlargement, headache, bloating etc. Once the diagnosing process is done, it is easy for doctors to carry out the treatment. There are various risks associated with medication of oncology and medication in infection during pregnancy. So, the patient must be provided with the best medical facilities along with proper care at home. To avoid such a risk proper and timely health checkups are quite important. If all such measures can be kept in mind and followed then a safe and secured motherhood can be enjoyed.