July 20, 2024
Top clinics in Singapore where you will find the best infertility doctor Singapore

Infertility is a major concern worldwide as it is increasing by 0.370% per year in females and 0.291% in males. If we talk about Singapore, infertility is higher in Singaporeans. According to experts, at least one in six couples in Singapore is affected by infertility, and most affected are females. Hence, many couples are unable to conceive and seek infertility treatment in Singapore. Today, thanks to technology, there are treatments available for treating infertility with minimum side effects. Singapore is full of these clinics, with so many choices to choose from anyone can get confused, so we have compiled a list of the top clinics in Singapore where you’ll find the bestĀ infertility doctor Singapore.

When should you seek treatment?

Many people turned to doctors when they did not conceive for more than a year of trying. But it is stated if you seek medical advice after six months of trying, it would be better.

The medical advice on time will determine the fertility potential to help you in your parenthood journey.

If the couple’s age is more than 35, they should seek medical advice and get a fertility screening to determine their fertility rate. So, the doctor can suggest some supplements that can make your chances of conceiving higher, but not every aged couple needs to face infertility.

Top infertility clinics in SingaporeĀ 

Virtus Fertility Center

At Virtus, you will get specialists with enough global experience. They provide fertility assessment and determine the causes of your delay in conceiving, providing you with the best infertility treatment. These services include ovulation, IVF treatment, ICSI, IMSI, and donor programs.

The center uses the latest technologies to provide the best to its patients. They have recently become the Fertility medical center of Asia Pacific 2021.

O & G Specialist Clinic

At O&G, one of the founders has 30 years of infertility management experience and is one of the best IVF treatment providers in Singapore. They even provide virtual consultants and be there with you to give you proper guidance during your parenthood journey.

  1. Roland Cheing Fertility and Women Care

Dr. Roland Cheing is a certified specialist in gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, and male infertility. He is well-known, well-versed, and trained in acupuncture, which he uses to enhance fertility treatment in his patients. He is also involved in TCM research on fertility therapy.

These clinics are our top 3 in Singapore for infertility treatment and have the best infertility doctor in Singapore.